Can You Use Cast Iron Skillet On Blackstone Griddle?

If you have both a cast iron skillet and a Blackstone griddle, it can be tempting to use them together. But the question remains: Can you use cast iron skillet on Blackstone griddle?

Can You Use Cast Iron Skillet On Blackstone Griddle

Absolutely! You can utilize a cast iron skillet on your Blackstone griddle. Cast iron is an incredibly sturdy and adaptable material that can be employed on many cooking surfaces, including griddles. Many outdoor cooks prefer cast iron skillets on their Blackstone griddle because they believe it helps create the perfect sear on meats and other grilled favorites.

In this blog post, we’ll look closer at using cast iron skillets on Blackstone griddles and provide tips for getting the best results.

What is a Cast Iron Skillet?

The cast iron skillet is an essential and timeless tool in any kitchen, particularly when it comes to outdoor cooking. Crafted from a single solid pan of cast iron, it retains heat well as compared to other materials while cooking on a griddle. Also, the shape of the skillet ensures even heat distribution, and its construction makes it especially useful for cooking a variety of dishes, like frying something or searing meat. 

What Makes Cast Iron Special?

Cast iron cookware is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time for centuries. It consists mainly of iron and carbon, giving it its signature black coloring. Cast iron has many advantages over other types of cookware, including its durability, heat retention, and non-stick properties when properly seasoned. These qualities make it perfect for griddles, as the high heat can help create that sought-after sear on foods.

Can You Use a cast iron skillet On Blackstone Griddle?

Yes, it’s safe to use a cast-iron skillet on a Blackstone griddle. Cast iron skillets are the most suitable as they can withstand high temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, ensure that the skillet is preheated before placing it on the griddle surface, and season it with cooking oil or butter to achieve perfect results. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Utilizing Cast Iron Skillets On a Blackstone Griddle.


  • Durability: Cast iron cookware is widely acclaimed for its exceptional durability and remarkable capacity to withstand rigorous use over prolonged periods of time.
  • Heat Retention: The material’s ability to retain heat means that the cooking surface stays hot for longer periods, making it ideal for searing meats or cooking foods that require consistent heat.
  • Versatility: Cast iron skillets are versatile cookware used on various cooking surfaces, from griddles and stoves to ovens and campfires.
  • Non-Stick Properties: When cast iron cookware is seasoned correctly, it develops a natural non-stick surface. This not only simplifies cleaning but also ensures long-term maintenance.


  • Weight: Some individuals may find it challenging to handle cast iron cookware due to its weight.
  • Maintenance: Cast iron requires proper care and maintenance, such as regular seasoning, to prevent rusting and maintain its non-stick properties.

Griddle Temperature When Using a Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron pans should be used at medium-high heat, with temperatures ranging from 350°F – 425°F (177°C – 218°C). Any higher temperature than this can warp or damage the pan, while any lower temperature will not create the desired flavor and texture. To get an optimal heating experience while cooking with a cast iron skillet on a Blackstone, it is best to pre-heat it on the burner before putting it on the cooking surface to reach the desired temperature ahead of time. 

Does Cast Iron Skillet Thickness Affect?

Cast iron skillets come in various thicknesses, which can make a difference in how they are used on a griddle. Thinner cast iron skillets are better suited for use on a griddle because they heat up more quickly and maintain an even temperature. This makes them ideal for tasks such as eggs, pancakes, bacon, and other delicate foods that require an even heat. 

Thicker cast iron skillets are best used on a grill or over an open flame, where they can provide enough heat to sear steaks and other larger cuts of meats. A thicker cast iron skillet may take longer to heat up but will retain heat much better than a thinner skillet.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet After Cooking?

The best way to clean a skillet made of cast iron is by using hot water and a stiff brush. You can also use a mild detergent, but rinse it off thoroughly afterward. Avoid using metal scour pads as they can affect the nonstick coating. 

Apply a light coat of oil after cleaning to keep your cast iron cookware in excellent condition for years. Also, Take good care of your skillet to prevent rust.

Skillet Buying Guide

Before buying a skillet for your griddle top, it’s essential to consider several vital features.


Depending on the cooking you’re looking to do, you should opt for a skillet size that meets your needs. Small skillets are great for single-person meals or quick snacks. At the same time, larger sizes come in handy when cooking up significant portions for a crowd.


Regarding cast iron skillets, weight is a significant concern. Check the weight limit of your griddle before adding one to the set – and if you’ve already purchased one, make sure it won’t be too heavy for your griddle when cooking.


As mentioned above, cast iron skillets must be preheated and seasoned before use. Most skillets come pre-seasoned or with instructions on seasoning them, so make sure to check that out before buying one.


Skillets are available in various shapes and sizes, ranging from pocket-friendly alternatives to lavish models. The choice is yours, so choose one that best fits your needs and wallet.

How much should you spend on a cast iron pan?

Cast iron skillets come in a variety of sizes and prices. The size and brand you choose will ultimately determine the cost, with larger skillets usually costing more. Regarding the cost of cast iron skillets, prices vary widely, with some ranging from $15 to $150. Therefore, it’s important to research different brands and sizes to select one that matches your budget and cooking requirements. With a suitable cast iron skillet, you can always enjoy perfect results on your Blackstone griddle. 

What kind of skillets cannot be used on a Blackstone griddle?

Using skillets made from aluminum or non-stick materials on the Blackstone griddle is not recommended. Cast iron skillets are most suitable as they can withstand higher temperatures and retain excellent heat. Furthermore, cast iron skillets will form a natural, non-stick surface when used regularly with proper care and maintenance. With good care, cast iron skillets can last many years, a testament to their remarkable durability. So, if you are looking for a skillet to use on your Blackstone griddle, cast iron is the way to go

Maintenance Tips for Cast-Iron Pan

While cast iron skillets are indeed exceptional, it is imperative to maintain them diligently to ensure their longevity and maximize their performance. Here are some essential tips:

  • Season regularly: Maintaining the non-stick surface of a cast-iron skillet requires regular seasoning. This process involves coating the pan with oil and heating it in an oven for a specific time.
  • Cleaning: To keep your cast iron skillet clean, start by rinsing it with warm water. Then, use a brush or sponge to scrub off any bits of food. Remember to avoid using soap, as it can remove the seasoning. After cleaning, make sure to dry the pan thoroughly before storing it.
  • Storage: Ensure optimal care for your cast iron skillet by storing it in a cool and dry place. If you stack multiple pans together, separate them with a towel or paper to prevent moisture from building up.
  • Re-seasoning: Over time, the non-stick coating of a cast iron pan may deteriorate. When this happens, you can restore it by re-seasoning the skillet with oil and heating it in an oven.

Final Thoughts

A cast iron skillet is an excellent addition to any kitchen – and when used on a Blackstone griddle, it can help you create unique dishes with unbeatable flavor. Remember to check the weight limit of your griddle before adding one to your set, preheat and season it before use, and clean and oil it after each use to keep it in top condition. We hope your question, “Can you cast iron skillet on Blackstone griddle,” has been answered. With all these tips in this blog, you’ll have a cast iron skillet lasting many years.


Can I use cast iron skillets on an electric griddle?

A: Yes  – as long as the weight limit of your griddle is not exceeded, a cast iron skillet can be used on an electric griddle.

How do I clean my cast iron skillet?

A: Clean your skillet with warm water and a non-metal brush after each use to prevent rusting. You can also opt for an abrasive cleaner like baking soda or salt for more stubborn food particles.

How often should I season my cast iron skillet?

A: You should oil your skillet after each use to ensure it stays in good condition and is ready for the next time you cook with it.

What is the best pan to use on a Blackstone griddle?

A: The pan should be heavy enough, non-stick, and can spread heat evenly. Cast iron skillets are the perfect choice for this.

Can I Use Frying Pan on Blackstone Griddle?

Yes, you can use a frying pan on your Blackstone Griddle.  Many Blackstone Griddle owners use a frying pan on their griddle to quickly and easily cook eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and other breakfast foods. 

Can You Put a Pan on a Blackstone and Boil Water in It?

You can put a pan on your Blackstone Griddle and boil water in it. Make sure the pan fits securely and is level on the griddle surface. Once the pan is secured, add your desired quantity of water before turning up the heat to bring the water to a boil.

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