What size griddle should I get for my induction cooktop?

Are you considering getting the best griddle for induction cooktop but need help determining which size to get? Choosing from a wide range of available sizes can be overwhelming, but fear not! We aim to guide you through many choices to get the best induction griddle.

What size griddle should I get for my induction cooktop

The right-sized griddle will ensure you get the perfect sear on your food without any hot or cold spots. It also helps evenly distribute heat, preventing overcrowding and giving you enough space to flip your food.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the different sizes and shapes available for induction ranges. With our help, you’ll soon have the perfect griddle for your induction cooking experience.

What are the different sizes available for griddles?  

Griddles are available in a wide range of sizes, typically spanning from 11 inches to 36 inches. Let’s explore some popular sizes and their respective applications:

  • Small griddles (11-14 inches): These are great for cooking single servings or small portions such as eggs, pancakes, or sandwiches.
  • Medium griddles (15-18 inches): Perfect for small families, these griddles can accommodate 2-4 servings at a time.
  • Large griddles (19-24 inches): These are ideal for larger families or those who frequently entertain guests. They can cook up to 6 servings at a time.
  • Extra-large griddles (25+ inches): Designed for commercial use, these griddles can handle large quantities of food and are best suited for restaurants or catering businesses.

What size griddle should I get for my induction cooktop?    

When it comes to griddles, size matters. Choosing the perfect cookware size for your induction stove depends on your cooking requirements and the dimensions of your cooktop. To help you decide, here are vital factors to consider when determining the ideal griddle size for your induction cooktop:

  • Cooking surface area: The size of your induction cooktop’s surface will determine the maximum size of the griddle you can use. Measure your cooktop and find a griddle that fits within those dimensions. You don’t want a griddle too small for your cooktop, leaving empty spaces where heat cannot reach. Likewise, if the griddle is huge, it won’t fit correctly and may create a safety risk.
  • Cooking needs: Consider the quantity of food you typically prepare. If you frequently cook for a large family or host guests often, a larger griddle would be a better choice. However, a smaller griddle would be sufficient if you cook for yourself or a small household.
  • Storage space: Consider where you will store the griddle when not used. Opt for a smaller-sized griddle if you have limited storage space. This option offers greater practicality and efficiency, maximizing the use of the available space.

Tips for choosing the right griddle for induction cooking

Now that you know the different sizes of griddles available and the benefits of using a perfectly sized one on your induction cooktop, here are some tips to help you choose the right griddle for your specific needs:

  • Consider your cooking style: Are you someone who enjoys cooking single-serving meals? Or do you prefer making large family-style dishes? To determine the ideal griddle size for your needs, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your cooking style. This knowledge will empower you to make the best choice and ensure a seamless cooking experience.
  • Read customer reviews: When considering a purchase, perusing reviews from customers who have already bought and utilized the product is valuable. Take note of feedback regarding the griddle’s dimensions, as this will provide insight into its compatibility with various induction cooktops.
  • Induction-compatible cookware: When shopping for a griddle, ensure it is compatible with induction cooktops. Stainless steel or cast iron are excellent choices as they conduct heat evenly and efficiently, making them ideal for use on an induction stove.
  • Look for versatile options: Some griddles have interchangeable plates or can be used as a grill or griddle. These versatile options can save you money and storage space, making them an excellent choice for those with limited space.
  • Consider the shape: Griddles come in various shapes, including rectangular, square, and circular, offering a range of options. Choose a shape that best fits your cooking needs and preferences.

How do we know if a griddle is compatible with an induction cooktop?

All griddles are not induction-compatible. To ensure that the griddle you choose is suitable for your induction cooktop, look for the following features:

  • Magnetic properties: Induction cooktops use an electromagnetic coil to heat pans, so selecting a griddle with magnetic properties is crucial. One easy way to test is by checking if a magnet adheres to the underside of the griddle. 
  • Flat and smooth surface: Induction cooktops work best with flat-bottomed pans. Ensure the griddle has a smooth, flat surface for proper heat transfer.


With a wide range of size options available for griddles, including small, medium, and large, as well as several shapes like round or square, it’s essential to get the right one for your induction cooktop. The right size griddle will maximize its life span and bring you great cooking results. To determine what size griddle best suits your induction cooktop needs, constantly research carefully while considering your preferences and space limits. Now that you know more about what size griddle should I get for my induction cooktop. – go ahead and find one to use for all those incredible cooking and safety benefits.


What is the ideal size of a griddle for a family of four?

A medium-sized griddle (15-18 inches) would be suitable for a family of four, as it can cook 2-4 servings.

How do I store a griddle when not in use?

If you’re dealing with limited storage space, getting a compact griddle that can be conveniently stored away is worth considering. Alternatively, you can opt for a griddle with removable handles for more accessible storage.

Does burner size matter on induction cooktop?

Yes, burner size does matter on induction cooktops. Choosing a griddle that fits within the dimensions of your cooktop’s surface is essential for optimal heat distribution and safety.

Can I use a round-shaped griddle on my square induction cooktop?

Yes, you can use a round-shaped griddle on a square induction cooktop. However, measure the dimensions of both the griddle and the cooktop to e

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